About Us

We Inspire, We Problem-Solve

Sparing no effort to challenge regularity, make impact and introduce an innovative force,
rather than another Tech-agency, into the market.

Our History

At a time when the world can really use some groundbreaking change, we believe that each person has a special role to fulfill. In that regard, we decided to do our part. Everest minds was established by aspiring Egyptian youth, taking on the challenge to make a dent in world through their field by inspiring, innovating and leading.

With extensive experience behind our founders, and a revolutionary vision before them, they enjoy hard-won and upstanding expertise in the field. Having worked at both, evolving startups and other reputed multinationals, they have successfully developed their skills as visionaries and leaders of challenges.

Clean Code

It's an obsession more than anything else.

Creative Ideas

We innovate in every step of the way to deliver a range of cohesive solutions that actually work.

Full Support

Everest Minds efficiently acts as a reliable technical arm, providing full support for our systems.

Mobile Optimized

Web and Mobile apps that are truly designed for a mobile economy.

Amir Elsebaei
"You over-exceeded our expectations"

Amir Elsebaei

National Account manager at Amgen