Do2rom is a Web & Mobile platforms through which customers can find the best value for the least price when shopping grocery, this is achieved by comparing prices of one product across several supermarkets.


To achieve this, we realized that we are challenged by a data intensive back end, where we need to ensure that the data gathering process is smooth, reliable and efficient. Moreover, new products are added to the egyptian market everyday, so our system should be fast enough to detect those products and their prices.


Our life saver was the fact that we have access to a database where all products approved by the government are barcoded. BINGO, a simple robot will be able to check this database frequently for new products, but wait! We are not permitted to save this data on our servers because of data privacy agreements with the organization owning this database.

This was a major twist in the plot, we had to develop our system in a way to be showing updated data without saving it on our side nor increasing requests load on the organization servers (the entity owning the products database).

Now what about prices? (Which is the core value of this project). No supermarket brand would give you its prices to compare them with others!, nor it has e-commerce platform except few (which is the case “fe 2oroppa waldewal elmotakaddema”).

Of course there are automated ways to get the prices, but we had also to provide a tailored interface for fast efficient data entry of all prices for each product. This required a lot of UX work from our side plus a feature for the admin which allowed him to scan and read any barcode for fast retrieval and editing of any product.

At the end of the day, we believed in the impact such an application would have specially at this point of time in Egypt, where prices are going out of control after currency flotation and merchants getting greedy. We were able to come up with reliable solutions packaged in a web portal and a mobile app that are about to be launched very soon.


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