Alchemy Studio is a well known architecture firm serving top notch customers globally. Mohamed Fares is one of the company’s founders. Without saying, such a designer’s portfolio website will not be a normal one. In fact, its design was inspired by an award winning website on, a popular platform recognizing the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.


Design was a piece of art, but the challenge weighed more on the front end development side. We had to cover a lot of details achieving optimal responsiveness, fast loading of full screen images, and seamless background video playing on all devices. Not to mention that we were building a single page application with a very UNIQUE navigational architecture. (check diagram below)

To put it in a simple way, the website consisted of nested sliders in both horizontal and vertical directions, or at least this is how we imagined the best solution for achieving the desired experience. It’s not a normal slider plugin that you would grab off the shelf then plug and play, we needed a responsive, mobile friendly and full page slider with enough flexibility for many customizations (ex.  lock scrolling or sliding events according to what slide the visitor is viewing).


Fortunately, we were able to create a plugin based on Ionic Framework core for handling mobile app screens navigation (Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development). With a lot of attention to details, we were able to get everything working as expected from our client.


We Are Hardcode Sherpas

Mount Everest is recognized as a global icon for human endeavor. A supreme symbol for human’s primal desire to push beyond the physical limits and conquer the impossible.

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