Service is not a Department it’s an Attitude

By mastering various disciplines and seamless transformation practices, we guarantee you topnotch services and
engaging experiences delivered in a way that saves your time and money.


Technical Services

“High-Tech” is a term used to refer to modern and advanced technologies. Hence, if the Summit of Everest represents the pinnacle of success, then Everest is the highest form of technology and it is exactly what we aim for.

App Development

iOS, Android and cross platform technologies.

Web Development

B2B and B2C reliable and scalable cloud solutions.


Web and Mobile designs that are customized for your audience.

Business Services

Everest is not only our brand name, but also our communication signature when conducting our business. We view every business digitization as a journey from "base camp" to the "summit".

Hard-hitting Business Solutions

From small to large businesses, we help you manage your business more efficiently by creating tailored solutions and workflows.

Online Identity

Our advanced search engine optimization techniques give your identity the promotional boost it needs to stand out.

BOOMING E-Commerce Sales Boosters

Looking to expand your brand?, we help you create that one user-friendly and engaging online store.


How we work

We Keep Working Until the Work Gets Done

We diligently assess the needs and goals of every particular client by asking the RIGHT questions.
From there, we consider your challenges, opportunities and resources.


Business Analysis

The phase where all preparations and plans are setup, broken into small pieces and documented.



Putting timeline into action with strict commitment to milestones scope and duration.



Wrapping up your solution with all automated tools you need for managing your app.